Kaleidoscope Hummingbird Fuchsia Wind Spinner

Kaleidoscope Hummingbird Fuchsia Wind Spinner

  • $21.00

You're sure to add a big burst of color to your style with this life hummingbird wind spinner. Designed by American artists. This beautiful wind spinner features a vivid hummingbird in bright hues of blue sipping nectar from a pink flower and then kaleidoscopes out to a larger flower filled with radiant purples, blues and pinks! As this product spins it produces a wonderful visual effect that is appealing to any eye. This product is powder coated for rust and fade resistance.

6 Inch

Dimensions: 6 Inches

Weight:1 lb

11 Inch

Dimensions: 11 Inches

Weight: 2 lb

16 Inch

Dimensions: 16 Inches

Weight: 3 lb

24 Inch

Dimensions: 24 Inches

Weight: 5 lb